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People more important that stuff

There is a line I remember from the movie “Up In The Air”; George Clooney’s sisters to be husband is getting cold feet just before their wedding and Mr. Clooney asks him a question “when you look back at your most … Continue reading

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30th August

My most fave day of the year. Every day is meant to be lived to the fullest etc..But it does feel special to receive phone calls, SMS’s, wall posts to wish you and be part of the day you were … Continue reading

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Buy local, think global

  You would have heard this at more places than one. buy local, especially produce like groceries to support your own local farmers market. also to benefit the environment as less transport, packaging etc would be involved. why not extent this … Continue reading

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Fresh Hope

“Please live long. Victory in life is not determined by fame or social position. it is decided by how joyfully and dynamically you are able to live out your life.” Sinichi Yamamoto. It’s a beautiful phrase above and gives us … Continue reading

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