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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself

Los Angeles Unplugged

One of the most iconic California cities, Los Angeles is like one of those fables of the grand central station—which talks about its spreading out in a very fairy-tale fashion and its losing of itself in every fold. Home of … Continue reading

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What Is Life

What is life? What is dance? What is music? What is love? What about passion? Achievement! Most important of all is the right to be happy without exception. Life is a process of learning and enjoying the growth, acknowledging the … Continue reading

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70 days

I have often read about people who take challenges towards making their lives simpler. Some people believe in this theory whereas some believe in simply simplyfing without counting or setting targets. I am more like the second group, de-cluttering as much i can … Continue reading

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The Guitar and Us

  Music was a subject I always wanted to study in my school days. While I did not end up getting any formal education for the same, I started with learning the guitar. That’s where my husband and I met. … Continue reading

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People more important that stuff

There is a line I remember from the movie “Up In The Air”; George Clooney’s sisters to be husband is getting cold feet just before their wedding and Mr. Clooney asks him a question “when you look back at your most … Continue reading

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Keep it simple silly :)

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” William Shakespeare Life is so beautiful and fulfilling when we decide to take the simple way instead of complicating things. I often remember the above phrase and … Continue reading

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On Finding the Spark

I was just reading this article by Leo Babauta on Passionate people: The article got me so excited about life and adding that spark to life itself. I started visualizing a dream lifestyle and could picture most of it. I … Continue reading

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Decluttering with a purpose

Hello folks…especially to those located in India. I have mentioned about this organization GOONJ before. GOONJ is a nationwide movement working on the issue of clothing. There is a special camp they are organizing from Feb 14th to Mar 3rd … Continue reading

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The end of television

Definition of the black box: “An addictive device which keeps the lower classes subdued; a perpetuator of violence and materialism; and a silent destroyer of intellectualism.”   I read this definition of the television on a blog I was reading … Continue reading

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Ode to Starbucks!

My most fave coffee shop is Starbucks. It’s probably not the coffee. It’s the shop. The ambiance they create, it’s like magic. I follow them on twitter and started learning more about them. They practice the ‘bring your own mug … Continue reading

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