Los Angeles Unplugged

One of the most iconic California cities, Los Angeles is like one of those fables of the grand central station—which talks about its spreading out in a very fairy-tale fashion and its losing of itself in every fold. Home of the Hollywood sign and studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers, it has been inviting multitude of aspirants from a very long time. With so many aspirants shooting in, it is also a home to a lot of creative energies and youth spirit.

Lights, Camera, Action

One of such upcoming actor who shot out of India’s capital is Kumar Sapra who completed his studies from NYFA and settled in LA, often filling in his roles on the base of his identity as a person of East Indian ethnicity. He has also worked many Hispanic roles as well.  Starting from the Indian theatre and his company called ‘Beyond exclamation’, he is now working on several mainstream acting projects and constantly exploring life in LA. He has worked on commercials such as Monster Headphones, Microsoft, Pond’s; has signed up  as the actor for series such as Derick La Porte ‘s “Southern Gents “, PSA’s for American army (operation gratitude) and is also taught by renowned directors of Los Angeles. He is currently being represented by a well-known agent JS REPRESENTS, LA.

“I feel great to be in LA as it has this liberal environment to create your own art and one is not restricted to show case their talents in any way.” Kumar Sapra talks about his experience in living in Los Angeles. He feels that having a lot of friends from all over the word who have the similar goals in their mind is really motivating. Further, he adds that the city being the entertainment capital of the world, it helps him to experience the global kindred and with that, an exposure to various kinds of international audience. “Some of the best things about LA, I enjoy a lot are the American film market, aids walk, Martin Luther king parade, Indian film festival, the Los Angeles film festival, the great American script fest and screening at warner brothers. On the other hand, being resident of Burbank California, it is so amazing to be connected to the Universal, Warner Brothers, and Nickelodeon within the 5 miles radius which feels like you’ve been finally let into the Charlie’s Chocolate factory after scoring a golden ticket.”

Los Angeles has then evolved and is most probably amongst the most evolving city of the US. It briefs us on the idea that home is where your passion lies.


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