What Is Life

What is life? What is dance? What is music? What is love? What about passion? Achievement! Most important of all is the right to be happy without exception.

Life is a process of learning and enjoying the growth, acknowledging the growth. Sometimes these lessons take place at the most unexpected places.

Dancing once more taught me more than I expected. This month was phenomenal and every class there was something new to learn and take back.

The first thing we encountered was “hit it”. This is an easy application of how our body language drops down and just by saying hit it can change the perspective.

Second was about being centered and connected with our bodies. This is the one quality that can set us apart. Being centered physically and mentally reflects back and is very noticeable.

Spotting happens to be the core of street jazz. I discovered this a little late. But a spot can be a very powerful action to bring focus in our lives. In this world of hyper technology we all tend to multitask and easily get distracted. It’s getting harder to find a single minded laser sharp focus.

We all need to give a constant reminder to ourselves that we must be selfless beings. Just giving it to the other person whether it’s an audience, colleague, a family member, friend or a stranger can be so satisfying. Dancing can squeeze it all out from your inside and give it back to the outside. When we give our hundred percent we’ll realize that we’ll be fully aware and present. That takes us to having another trait: athleticism. I didn’t know such a word existed. But it does and can bring an instant alertness and uprightness to our bodies and further our attitude.

We were always told to go big in our dancing and I always thought that with short legs how big can I possibly go. But I was wrong, so wrong.  Going big in life is always about the feeling inside. If we feel big, we will surely look big.

Before I finish, life is mostly about experiences. Things remain static, but experiences can be moving. We need to have fun and feel the breath and going out of breath while dancing. If we don’t feel moved by dancing then we didn’t dance like we should. By closely going through the movement and rhythm of life if we experience breathlessness then we can say it’s the most beautiful gift to ourselves.


About getclutterfree

my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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