The Guitar and Us


Music was a subject I always wanted to study in my school days. While I did not end up getting any formal education for the same, I started with learning the guitar. That’s where my husband and I met. I went to that music institute for about 2 years. I remember having the time of my life there. While I did my BA in math hons, the guitar was there to act like the biggest stress buster. I would come back home and play my guitar for hours sometimes. The classes were also fun with people around, all of us learning at a different pace. Then once we all performed at the opening of another branch of the institute. The extra classes for practice were so much fun. Once we all went to a coffee shop and just decided to go full out performing and expecting some free coffee in return 😉

Anyways then I went in for my masters and then a job. Life took a serious turn with so much work, assignments. When I started working there wasn’t much work to carry back home, but office somehow just drains you out. Sometimes there are late nights too. All of this just killed any time for my poor guitar which got ignored in a corner. Eventually it broke and very painfully I had to dispose it off.

Since the guitar is the common ground between my husband and me, about a year ago we went in and bought a new guitar. We have decided to renew this passion. This is where minimalism has really helped us streamline our mental time and space. As things and stuff are clearing out, we are aiming to remove unnecessary time commitments as well so that we can focus on things we love.

An interesting incident took place recently. We had three files of guitar chords. We went thru all the files and have pared it down to a single file of our favorite songs that we enjoy playing. I didn’t want just throw away the remaining chords. So I asked a colleague at work who is a musician if he would like to have them. He willingly agreed but said “I have nothing to give you in return”. I simply told him that he is actually giving me space. He got baffled at first. But then I explained how by taking away the chord sheets he was helping me create space in my house. I think he found that quite hilarious, but it is so true.

Anyways now we need to remove some time commitments to create a time space and a zone in which we both can get lost with our beloved guitar.



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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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2 Responses to The Guitar and Us

  1. SHYNEE says:

    good going… lets have a get together n hear u guys play… :0

  2. cyrusjocosa says:

    Very interesting topic, thank you for putting up.

    Chords Guitar

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