People more important that stuff

There is a line I remember from the movie “Up In The Air”; George Clooney’s sisters to be husband is getting cold feet just before their wedding and Mr. Clooney asks him a question “when you look back at your most memorable times, what do you see, were you alone in those times or was it filled with people” and the answer was obvious. His most memorable times were with people around him. It was a small example to make us realize that without people the memories won’t be memorable.

If you look around you’ll see people slogging their butt off to earn a good living so that they can enjoy a comfortable life. While doing so they neglect people and are most happy buying and acquiring stuff instead.

After years pass by they are still not satisfied with life. Had they celebrated their success, happiness, small moment of victory with people around them, would they end up being more satisfied?


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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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3 Responses to People more important that stuff

  1. ghummakkad says:

    Good point. We need to slow down and enjoy these moments, else one day we’ll realize that life has gone by and we missed those lovely people around us. Money is important but don’t forget your relations and values because of it.

  2. slowing down is very important. people must not mistake it for being lost in the rat race. its only when you stop comparing the pace, will slowing down feel good.

  3. SHYNEE says:

    slow me down… i can think of that song..

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