Ode to Starbucks!

My most fave coffee shop is Starbucks. It’s probably not the coffee. It’s the shop. The ambiance they create, it’s like magic. I follow them on twitter and started learning more about them. They practice the ‘bring your own mug and get free coffee’ philosophy to promote lesser waste. My level of respect for them skyrocketed.

We just got a new vending machine in our office and I was thrilled as I am a coffee person. I took my own ceramic mug for the coffee and felt damn proud of myself. I had kept Starbucks in mind. But my reaction to the vending machine was mixed. I’d be exaggerating if I said 2 people were following that philosophy.

Why do we need rules to make us feel that we should not be doing something wrong? Isn’t this whole wide world ours and not just Starbuck’s? Then why doesn’t it occur to us that using a paper cup for 2 sips of coffee is utter selfishness.

Let’s just say that in-spite of the education and news all around us we are all sleeping beauties. We still need a kick in the butt for us to wake up and realize that time is slipping out and we better take some action TODAY.


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8 Responses to Ode to Starbucks!

  1. Amit Jain says:

    We need to get creative in thinking of ways to save plastic, paper and the environment. Its difficult to change mindsets. Thats said so, if you have an idea, dont give up easily. Its takes years to see the change.

  2. we need to get sensitive to the anviornment around us. that would be enough to take changes towards producing lesser waste. i guess we have become quite insensitive becasue we do not see direct impact of the enviromental loss. we are too happy spending time in concrete structures to even notice the difference outside.

  3. Karen says:

    You are so right! We really are too busy, and our wasteful ways have made us spoiled. It isn’t that hard to bring your own mug to work (or Starbucks), to carry reusable cloth shopping bags (instead of paper or plastic), to cook simple food at home (so you don’t use take-out containers), to walk or bicycle or use the bus more so you don’t drive your car everywhere. If everyone did these little things, we would see such a large difference.

    • i was re-filling coffee in my own mug today morning when this gentleman asked if how much difference would it make. people underestimate the amount of difference even 1 person can make. if everyone feels that they alone can make a difference, we would have a huge number of people joining in this movement to save the earth.

  4. marilyn b says:

    I too am a Starbucks fan; I re-use the paper sleeve, usually bring my own cup and am part of a school group that makes shopping bags, purses, a rain hat & even a neck tie out of coffeebags and duct tape; these are really handy as they are nearly waterproof and quite sturdy.

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  6. click here says:

    When I open up your Feed it appears to be a ton of nonsense, is the problem on my part?

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