Cycling in Old Delhi

On a non foggy Sunday morning at 630 am we set out to meet our cycling group opposite Delite cinema, on Asaf Ali Road. I never imagined that I would actually end up waking this early for a cycling tour around old Delhi. I was very excited. We were with a group of American students from Iowa University visiting India and the tour was organized for them. I decided to join my husband for this sport. I was probably more amazed than the Americans to see our culture. I had never seen Delhi like this, never before.

About 150 years ago, Delhi was a walled city with 8 gates. This tour was called the Shahjahanabad tour. We started at one of the 8 gates called the Turkman gate. Only 3 gates are remaining now.  I took about 15 minutes to get familiar with the cycle as I was cycling after more than 10 years. We cycled thru the narrow alleys of that area, crossing the meat lane, spice lane, flower market, Chandini  Chowk, and Tees Hazari court district. We also climbed a very ancient mosque called the Fatepuri Masjid. The view was simply breathtaking.

We then cycled outside the walled city, into civil lines, stopped for tea behind the Oberoi Maidens, a beautiful colonial property. We ended up crossing Red Fort and finally the Jama Masjid. This experience for me was so beautiful. We cycled a total of 11.5 kms.

Luckily I do yoga regularly so my body didn’t hurt at all after cycling.

But this has made me hungry for cycling more often now, than once in a decade.

Cycling is such a minimalist activity with so many benefits. I also realized that many things which are minimalist are also more in rhythm with Mother Nature.


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