Year 2011

As we set into a new year, we must all have a focus, a goal which we would like to achieve in the coming 364 days.  New Years Eve is also the time to let your hair down & turn the volumes up. People gulp down alcohol and dance like never before. It is a lot of fun to let go… only if we truly learn to let go.

I especially look forward to the freshness, the New Year brings. Everything seems full of hope and you feel that this is the best time to make changes, improve areas which need it, make relationships stronger, get more disciplined etc…

Over new years’ dinner with my family we were all sharing our personal goals. Everyone mentioned only one goal they really wanted to focus on. I have so many that I couldn’t quite prioritize them. My dad was recalling a new year’s message; he got from a friend’s mother.  She said, “Enter this year by subtracting one word from your dictionary of words, i.e. the word GRUDGE.”

I related to that quickly. It made my task of prioritizing goals much simpler.

So the year 2011 is dedicated to loads of positive energy around me and I take a vow to not hold a Grudge be it people, weather, clothes, food or circumstance. I am looking forward to staying positive and reviewing this at the end of the year.  If we were all to remove grudges or negativity from our lives, the word problem would also quickly disappear from our dictionary.

This year I have also decided to take up the project 333 challenge. I am very excited to make it thru till the end of March with 33 items of clothing, shoes, accessories & bag. To check out more details about this project please visit this link:


Have a fabulous 2011!!!!


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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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