Christmas Carnival

Christmas is approaching in a couple of weeks and I am quite looking forward to it. Although I am an Indian, this festival has had a significance importance for the past 3 years.
During this time of the year, a carnival is organized for a group of under-privileged students and nearby villagers. I have participated in the carnival twice and it’s the happiest times I’ve had.  The villagers and students do not ever experience things like carnivals & fete’s or times of celebration so this event is their day to let loose. The carnival has 4-5 games stalls for the children, discounted food stalls and a jumbo sale stall. The main attraction for them is the jumbo sale stall.
What exactly is the jumbo stall?
The organizers wanted to donate their clutter and thought of getting all their unused items to the carnival for the villagers and school students. But realized that they would have a problem distributing as everyone would fight and there would be a tug of war. Another great idea was born, they put a nominal price tag to these items, so that it would resemble a flee market and these villagers & children would get that kick out of buying.  The items are priced very low and few minutes into the sale you have people pushing each other to get the best product available. The key thing here is that it is at a very affordable rate and so everyone enjoys participating in the Jumbo Sale.
It is such a great way to de-clutter and do charity at the same time.

If anyone is interested in donating, please do leave a comment with your contact.
This carnival takes place at Mandi Village located in New Delhi, India.


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