30th August

My most fave day of the year. Every day is meant to be lived to the fullest etc..But it does feel special to receive phone calls, SMS’s, wall posts to wish you and be part of the day you were born.

Now you know why August is so special to me. Birthdays are special days as you make plans and go out for dining, drinking or dancing. You also get presents and flowers. I mean how can this day be compared to the rest of the days of the year.

This year too I went thru the exact same cycle of events. It was not very different. But then this time around i felt slightly different.  I did feel a voice talking to me like never before. I felt wasteful of all the dining and drinking  that happens in the name of b’day. I am not saying it’s wrong to be doing all that. I have been doing it for x years. I might continue doing so. But “I” felt wasteful. 

I have been reading people tweet about how their b’day was dedicated to getting water to people in Africa. or feeding food somewhere. In India traditionally people used to start this special day by donating food to people or doing some charity. Slowly this is fading away to more personal needs.

I just feel that maybe I can strike a balance between personal enjoyment and societal enjoyment. Personal Enjoyment cannot be only acquiring expensive things while the world around you is collapsing. I see it as a bit of both.

So this is not to make an all out statement of sacrifice and feel great and all. It is just a commitment to make some genuine effort to reach out to people around me and not be completely bedazzled by my own birth day.

P.S.: looking forward to dinner with husband and family. nothing can replace quality time spent with family, especially your parent.


About getclutterfree

my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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4 Responses to 30th August

  1. Deepti says:

    hi! great birthday resolution!!! with more people like you, the world will def became better place !!! Happy Birthday once again.. have fun…

  2. Niraj Sharan says:

    Neetika – I believe you are moving towards “awakening”. These questions come when one begins to understand life deeply. This journey that is beginning would be purposeful and fun filled.In the meantime, don’t give up the “consuming” part:) 🙂

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