I should follow my instinct. Should have gotten off the auto and started walking home. It was barely a km.  I shouldn’t worry about dirt or muck. Right now I am on a flyover and for the past 10 minutes a fellow auto rider is playing absolute E grade songs via an even worse E grade speakers and on LOUD. It’s driving me crazy. Walking would have taken 20 minutes. Now it’s been 1 hour and still stuck. I should have taken advantage of public transport by abandoning the auto and using my legs. I am feeling a bit unsafe too because of the duration. Walking would have cleared my mind too. This is like driving me up the wall. More noise and pollution in this auto than I would have felt it on foot! Pewh!

I am hoping that writing this will help reduce my anxiety and get me home soon. I’d rather walk than feel pollution, muck and slow moving vehicles around me. Also looks like my auto driver is enjoying the crappy music and keeping pace with that driver.

Apart from the noise pollution and rain you feel on the surface, ever looked and reasoned the situation deeper. This traffic jam is due to the rain but also due to too many cars. It’s the cars but also due to people like me who get into an auto instead of the bus or walk. It’s also people getting out for no reason at all, just a drive in the good weather to only ruin it for people on the road. Can we re-question the need before we step into a car, cab etc. Can we reduce our foot-prints literally and travel only when required. Let’s face it, we do not have the luxury of empty roads to just go out for a drive.

P.S. Home is 5 minutes away but the songs haven’t left my ears.


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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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