Goonj in the city

For all of you who have been de-cluttering but do not know what to do next? …

Goonj in the City!

So you have identified stuff that you’d rather not have, but don’t know where to dispose of the stuff.

Well in India, there is an organization called Goonj. This organization believes in Women Empowerment, Cloth Donation popularly known as “Vastra Samman”. Goonj also believes in reaching out to the remotest corners of the country.  They started out small and gradually their networks have spread out. They constantly put up donation camps and ask people to drop in stuff they do not need any longer.

Cloth donation is a fairly popular concept, but they have extended the concept of donation beyond cloth. They accept everything with a few exceptions. Anything in a useable condition can be given to them. From utensils, decorative items, all those miscellaneous items in those dozen drawers of ours to footwear, bags, hair accessories, linen, curtains, equipment, random stuff!
Across cities in India, people have volunteered and donated their space, which is used as collection centers. Log on to www.goonj/ and find out about Goonj in your City!

Cloth Donation


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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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