Buying less

Well this is sort of a continuation from my last post called “Shopping or de-cluttering: take a pick”.

If you have figured out your equation and believe in my theory of a simplified minimalist lifestyle, the first most obvious action that will come to you is to buy less. In fact this one action is the solution to many problems. And once we are done with our little victories (as described in my previous post) you’ll realize that the biggest victory is in buying less. As each month passes I keep telling myself, wow another month gone without buying anything except for petrol, groceries, toiletries. It feels like a big victory. And soon a season will pass and you have gone without buying anything unnecessary without it being a big deal.

What happens when you buy less? The first most direct benefit will be that you save. And when you add up it’s a big saving. Secondly you avoid new clutter coming in; you have to deal with only your existing stuff, which will wear out sooner than the new things. Third and the most important benefit for me is that you are contributing to a greener globe. The less you buy, the lesser packaging material is used. Less plastic, less transport, lesser demand means lesser production. It’s a cycle like the globe and you have no idea but the levels at which you do end up saving the planet is multifold.

For me the third benefit has been the biggest kick out of buying less. If you do become more aware of how your actions, actually impact the climate, then by buying less, consuming less you are making a huge difference to the planet, whether you believe me or not.

YOU have a lot of power to make a difference. Making a difference doesn’t always mean that you need to protest to reforms or sign petitions or make a noise to be heard. Well that sure helps, but in our capacity don’t you think all our actions are linked to what is happening today to our earth.

By buying less, using mass transport, not wasting water, electricity paper etc we don’t often get any publicity or nobody might notice what you are doing. But then aren’t we doing this for a purer place to live in. Does it matter if someone is watching you or not? Just knowing that your actions can make a difference should be enough be feel good inside.

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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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