De-cluttering & Shopping – Opposites yet can have the same effect: Therapy

How many times do you make an impulse purchase on items that are expensive? Few examples are buying a Prada dress/ Chanel handbag / another pair of designer shoes/ decorative vase etc. just to pep you up. Impulse is defined as something you buy and then realize that you didn’t need another one or, it’s not your style or, in a few weeks it’s gone out of fashion or, the way it fits is bad or the color is just not you and you get the picture, right?

Why do we end up with so many impulse decisions like the one stated above.  Is it the power you feel while purchasing, popularly known as ‘retail therapy’.  Is it because you feel you won’t find this object again and so it’s like a little victory to have bought it before anyone else does.

That was about shopping and how we lose control over what we buy.  There is something which is the exact opposite of shopping, yet it yields the same effect. It’s known as de-cluttering.

How does your room look and make you feel? Do you feel nice when you walk into your home/ room?  Is it in one of these moments of anxiety that you decide to put a mountain of stuff (from all possible wardrobes/ drawers) on the floor and decide to get rid of junk? Can you actually picture yourself doing that and do you identify with the feeling you get after making a pile of give-aways’.  Do you feel like you have accomplished something?  A little victory again!

Now can you put an equal sign to both the feelings I just described above.

Shopping = de-cluttering

Or is the sign something else (I am a math lover); for me the equation goes like this:

Shopping < de-cluttering

We all will have different feelings and different signs like

=, <, >, <, >, $, !, &, %,?……………..I don’t even know what the latter half of them would equate to

But the important thing is to identify and solve your equation.


About getclutterfree

my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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