Buy local, think global


You would have heard this at more places than one. buy local, especially produce like groceries to support your own local farmers market. also to benefit the environment as less transport, packaging etc would be involved.

why not extent this philosophy to brands.

can we all try to mind fully notice the brands we end up buying. As global consumers we end up consuming so much stuff that is foreign: clothes, brands, food, language, music, movies. can we give it up gradually & be proud of our own identity! be proud of your country.

if not all the above, can we start with eliminating foreign brands to as much extend as possible. it wont be easy. but can we just stop and think before we buy a brand not belonging to your country. if we stopped relying on foreign brands we’ll be encouraging local talent and creating our own unique looks. fashion will become so much more creative if you’re forced to stay in the boundaries of your own countries. once this philosophy becomes part of you, you’ll also realize that you are buying less.  

the boundaries that separate spain from morocco can not be erased so lets live with those. but we must reflect upon the other boundaries we all create for ourselves like color, creed, caste, religion. does it help or just create negative vibes. all we need to do is break them down in our minds eye. it’s that easy and so pure. lets embrace everyone equally. we gotta rise above discrimination  and feel proud as a nation, each to their nations and then carry out a healthy competition across nations. like we do in sports, music, cinema, art, business etc.

it’s time to think globally….to unite the global to save it from several crisis its going thru because we all think so small, so local but buy global.

let’s try the reverse.


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my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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