De-cluttering takes time!


Today I opened my cupboard and stood for a few minutes, took out few piles of clothes and tried counting. I stopped when I reached 40 as it was probably 1/5th of my collection. I own 200+ clothes and my aim is to reduce my possessions to a mere 100. how will it happen? I took out 7 items of clothing, and felt very nice. then I turned back to my cupboard and guess what? I couldn’t notice an inch of a difference in my cupboard. I mean imagine 7 items is not bad for a start and yet it wasn’t showing up.

de-cluttering takes time.

We end up under-estimating the amount of clothing and other things we  accumulate over weeks, months and years. open your cupboard now (ok after you’re done reading) and start counting the pieces of cloth that are sleeping in your cupboard. you’ll be in for a shock. the clothes might weep and cry as you tell them it’s time to change homes, but have a brave heart and let go…

While it’s important to enjoy the process of de-cluttering, do not get impatient if the process is taking longer.  instead realize that even a pin, discarded is a victory. the lesson is that everything counts. discarding a pen can be as significant as discarding a laptop.

No, I’m serious. in fact it’s the little stuff that clogs our lives much more. and if you do not toss them, they’ll be just hovering over you.

so never give-up midway. I too am waiting for the day when i’m able to enjoy the visible and invisible effects of de-cluttering.


About getclutterfree

my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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4 Responses to De-cluttering takes time!

  1. Ankita says:

    de-clutter… never thought of it so deeply, until I came across your posts. and it is so true.

    good stuff… and a really interesting way of looking at things. keep it up Neets. Would be a regular reader of your blog from now on.

  2. well for me de-cluttering is in my blood stream…it gives me peace of mind. thanks for your kind words and subscribing.

  3. I was recently asked while in a group what do i want most, and I realized what i want most is the ability, mind set, and passion to let go of things. I want to be a minimalist– what a paradox…currenly I am a pack rack with lots of stuff to throw away… but I am determined to get there eventually to a place of empty and free space.

    • Hi Adrienne,

      that is not a paradox. when we accumulate so much that it starts to suffocate us….it becomes the turning point. i have been decluttering for years now and still not yet a minamilist. it takes long, but everything chanegs the day you realize that you are going to turn a minamilist. all the best and keep decluttering. would love it if you visit again to share how far you have progressed.

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