De-cluttering Music

Pink Floyd


Do you keep your laptop filled with all the music you can lay your hands on?

As many friends’ iPODs, pen-drives, CDs all get written into your Hard disk.

And then you go purchase a swanky external hard drive. And you’re sorted. No need to worry about the amount of music and movies you can download and listen to and watch.

You feel very much updated as you would have all the latest mp3’s.

If anyone is looking for any song, they name it and you have it. That does feel cool and helps you be very popular among your social group.

Now what if I told you that the kind of music you listen to reveals a lot about who you are. Can you look back at all your music and relate to everything you have in your collection.

Do you put your playlist on random selection and let the computer decide what your next song will be. Well if you have 5000 songs, then you better let the computer take the decision. Which means that for every 10 songs you listen to, perhaps you truly enjoy the Billy Joel that just played, then either you continue doing what you were doing or go skip, skip, skip, until you find the next song you can relate to. Does that get sort of frustrating?

I mean it’s you own laptop, you are its master but it still has an upper hand in the music that must vibrate in your ears.

So my question is what if we de-cluttered our music. What if we only kept songs that truly made us happy, made us calm and soothed.

What is de-cluttering music?

It’s very simple. You just press delete instead of skip.


About getclutterfree

my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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2 Responses to De-cluttering Music

  1. 3qservices says:

    ha ha! true that!!

  2. Amit says:

    Very true. I have been doing this on my laptop and it is a great feeling.

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