Living with a spouse who collects!

As they say, opposites attract.  The minimalism life appeals to you and you truly believe it owning as little as possible. But your spouse could be the type of person who has varied interests in life and goes against your idea of ‘few’ things’.

For instance, I own less and still on the journey of reduce my possessions. But my husband on the other hand has a very interesting life and when I say that, I mean he is a photographer, lover of books, art collector & curator, appreciates handicrafts & traditional textiles. He also never felt the need to reduce his collectables.

For me this was hard to digest as I had at no point in my life owned so much stuff.

So I began the process slowly, very patiently.  The process is a never ending one and so it’s carrying on. But after 3 years, he is also part of the process instead of being against it. Well he was never against it, just didn’t have the patience and never recognized its benefits.

Today it’s so different. I had to reduce a little and show him the difference. Then a little more….and all these little bits added up to a completely different bedroom.

He too adores the look and is now after me to de-clutter my cupboard. (Well gotta live up to being a woman by having a cupboard fuller than his!)

Having said the above, I just feel so happy that he agrees with the practice of simpler living as much as I do. So if you do have a spouse who is well an opposite of you, do not lose hope. Give them time and show them small difference by actually making a small area clutter free. If you pester them, it’ll never happen. As they do have feeling for they possessions and you must respect that. At the same time, tackling ways to reduce it.


About getclutterfree

my blog is about how physical and mental clutter is blocking our lives and getting rid of both can be the best thing you can do for yourself
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6 Responses to Living with a spouse who collects!

  1. Vanshaj says:

    I am still getting over the shock that you really took the whole decluttering one step beyond and have started blogging about it!!

  2. Shruti says:

    lol…Niks ur too cute! gud one! i like this step uve taken, though Vanshaj seems genuinely in shock!

  3. ambinyc says:

    so inspired by you! Being a shopaholic I can’t say i’ll be clutter free but i do think twice before bringing anything into the house!!

  4. Shop Detective says:

    Hmm..Nice, I like.

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